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The Hires Lab is accepting applications for the following multidisciplinary positions :

Undergraduate Researchers

Undergraduate students from the University of Southern California who wish to join the Hires lab may complete this interest form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Postdoctoral Researchers

We have multiple funded openings for post-doctoral associates interested in developing and applying new technologies to understand cortical circuit functions underlying sensorimotor processing, integration, and learning. Our projects use the latest two-photon imaging and electrophysiology tools, together with new (unpublished) closed-loop optogenetic manipulations in behaving mice. Candidates with a PhD in neuroscience or related fields such as quantitative biology, engineering, mathematics, computer science, optics, or physics are encouraged to apply. We are a multidisciplinary lab and recruit from a diverse background of experiences. We are particularly interested in candidates with a strong interest and track record in at least one of the following areas (you will be trained on the rest during your postdoc).

  1. Statistical and machine learning. You are interested in deploying techniques such as found in Hastie, or more recent machine learning approaches to explain the relationship between rich datasets of sensory input, motor action, perception and neural activity (spikes and calcium trains).

  2. Cortical circuits of sensorimotor integration. You are interested in understanding how cortical circuits integrate sensory input with internal signals to produce abstract representations of our surroundings.  You will use electrophysiology, imaging, and math to determine what computations are performed, and how are they implemented by neural circuits in behaving mice.

  3. Closed loop optical observation and control of in vivo neural activity patterns. You are interested in using single or multiphoton approaches to manipulate neural ensembles using real-time feedback from neural, behavioral and kinematic data. Think neuralink, but with light.

  4. Neuromodulatory influences on neural activity. You are interested in developing and using new genetically encoded indicators of neuromodulators to probe how patterns of neuromodulator release and propagation influence neural circuit function and learning.


These projects are funded by the NIH BRAIN Initiative, NINDS, NIMH, and NEI, with anticipated timelines of 3-5 years. Excellent programming skills, steady hands, and a strong analytical background are essential to already have or quickly develop during postdoctoral training. Prior experience with whole cell electrophysiology, imaging, animal behavior, molecular engineering, or BMI are plus.


Los Angeles is the greatest city in America, with perfect weather, amazing food and easy access to an incredible diversity of outdoor experiences (Metro from lab to downtown or the beach in 30 minutes). The Neuroscience community in Southern California is tremendous and USC is making major investments in neuroscience and convergent bioscience. Join us!

Send your inquiries with CV, a brief statement of research interest and list of references to:

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